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Mineral Water Factory Simulator

4.6 ( 3376 ratings )
Gry Rodzina
Desenvolvedor: Sajjad Haider

Water is the main component of the human body. The amount of water you consume everyday plays an important role in maintaining a healthy body. Water should be healthy and clean from germs. People who are diet conscious, they use healthy water because it is lightweight. Calorie-free water is also a great replacement for high-calorie drinks.
Access of water is useful for a human body especially for the kidney but it is not only water, it should be pure water. People who like cold drinks or artificial flavors in water, that’s not good for health. But pure water has power to fight against germs and different disease. If you use healthy water instead of cold drinks, you will not have to go for hospital.
So welcome to our pure water factory simulation game. The factory produces clean and healthy water. It starts working with collecting water from waterfall and transmits with the help of delivery truck at factory. Water purifies and filters with the latest machines and mechanics through a proper process. Water is boiled through gas in the factory’s kitchen. germs are killed and water totally purified after cooking by the little chef.
Let’s get ready for filtration on major plants of this mineral water factory game. When water is filtered, get ready little kids and chefs to fill water in the bottles. Water bottle may available in different shapes. Bottles are also clean, lightweight, and recyclable. After fill up the water bottles, deliver it to the grocery stores, restaurants, supermarkets and fast food points on delivery truck.
Mineral water factory is useful in big towns because people use mineral water casually in the cities. Be an expert chef and start purifying water on machines of this factory game and kill germs and also remove poisonous items. You have not to worry about any harmful thing. Come on kids, let’s go to the factory’s kitchen for mineral water cooking.